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Open every day 06 - 20 (self-service)

Monday - friday 09 - 17 (service)

Sommar aktivitet Alterhedens Gårdsbutik, Altersbruk, PiteåSummer activities

Monday-Friday 9:00 to 17:00
Summer cafe 14/6 - 14/8

Monday 17:00
PALT serving 29/6 - 3/8

Tuesday & Wednesday 15:00
Rhubarb Safari 23/6 - 4/8

Thursday 13.00
Baking gahkku 25/6 - 6/8

 AlterHedens Rabarberi & Gårdsbutik på facebook. Följ Rabarberiet i Piteå så får du veta aktiviteteter, evenemang, guidningar,


Aktivitet och visning

AlterHedens Gårdsbutik och rabarberi, Piteå. Delikatesser, rabarber, återförsäljareGÅRDSBUTIKEN 

Öppet 06 - 20 må-sö
Betjäning 9 - 17 vard.

Gilla AlterHedens Gårdsbutik o Rabarberi, Piteå på facebook.

Gilla  AlterHedens Gårdsbutik  

Maria och Tord Nilsson, AlterHedens Rabarberi startade 1990 med rabarber som enda råvaran. 

Glögg och saft är idag delikatesser som kokas i Piteå 

Filmer & Klipp, AlterHedens RAbarberi, Piteå



SAFT aroniasaft, rallarrossaft, björksaft, kråkbärssaft, rabarbersaft, tranbärssaft, blåbärssaft, aroniasaft, rosensaft, svartvinbärssaft, björnjägarsaft, hallonsaft, älgörtssaft, enbärssaft, blåklintssaft, havtornssaft, fläderblomssaft, jordgubbssaft.
Marmelad; Rabarber- & Jordgubbsmarmelad, Rabarber & Ingefärsmarmelad, Blåbärsmarmelad, Jordgubb & Rabarbermarmelad, hjortronmarmelad, Rosenmarmelad med vanilj, Havtornsmarmelad, Aprikos & Morotsmarmelad.MARMELAD
Glögg; rabarberglögg, midvinterglögg, norrskensglögg, blåbärsglögg, tranbärsglögg, hjortronglögg, lingonglögg

Torkad svamp; blandsvamp, kantareller, karljohanssvamp, rödgul trumpetsvamp, svart trumpetsvamp, trattkantareller, ostronskivlingTORKAD SVAMP

Sylt; åkerbärssylt, hjortronsylt, munksylt, , jordgubbsylt, lingonsylt,  hallonsylt, blåbärssylt med vanilj

Te; rabarberte, blåbärste, hjortronte, lingonte

Rybs olja från Norrbotten i bygelflaska
glass-sås - dessertsås, rabarberkola, rabarberlakrits, rabarberchoklad
Tunnbröd, Chokladdoppat tunnbröd, mandelskorpor, chokladskorpor, kardemummaskorpor, saffransskorpor. biscotti.
Huttar; rabarber, rönnbär, älgört, hjortron, blåbär, hallon, lingon, lakrits,
Present, delikatesslåda, presenter, presentlåda
Gele; rönnbärsgele, tranbärsgele, björkgele, svartvinbärsgele, lingongele, enbärsgele, älgörtsgele
Chutney med rabarber och vitlök, rabarberchutney

iste rabarber. is-te hjortron,

Örtte - ört-te från AlterHedens en naturprodukt

Bärpulver: tranbärspulver, blåbärspulver och lingonpulver

AlterHedens Farm shop and Rhubarb - Piteå

AlterHedens Farm shop and Rhubarb, Norra Altervägen 1075, Altersbruk, Piteå, Sweden

AlterHedens Farm Shop & Rabarberi is an excursion in the beautiful Alter Valley.The farmshop is filled with good delicacies. Farm product assortment are for example: blueberry jucie, arctic raspberry jam, colza, aroniajucie, cloudberry jam, birch juice, dried mushrooms, cranberry juice, glögg and plenty of other good foodstuff. A real experience in Piteå and a popular tourist attraction in the northern part of Sweden.

AlterHedens Farm-shop, experience in Piteå - is an excursion an a tourist attraction.

AlterHedens Farm shop

AlterHedens Farmshop and Rhubarb are situated at the old country store in Altersbruk in Altersbruk, 10 minutes from the E4 highway, north of Piteå. Delicacies in a vast selection is available in the farm shop, many of them from AlterHedens own production. Jars with Rhubarb is our speciality! Good products, of course, for example: Stawberry and rhubarb marmelade. Farm products from other farms. Juice, jam, mushrooms, bread, glögg, jelly, marmelade, ice tea and many other things that you notice when you visit us at AlterHeden.  Rhubarb has from the beginning been our main raw material but today we produce delicacies from around 20 berries as aronia, cranberry, blueberry, birch, crowberry, artic raspberry, cloudberry, lingonberry and so on.  Spices - We have over 100 varieties.

AlterHedens farmshop excursions in Piteå, Children and adults tourist  attraction and a nice travel destination.AlterHedens Farm shop is open all around the year

Experience of the self-service systems at the times we are not in place. Write up and pay in the wall. Buying goes well even when we are not there, as long as you have loose change.

The farm-shop has an inner part and on weekdays when we are in place, you pay over the counter there. Coffee, candy and ice cream is served, in summer. Cards are accepted in the inner farm shop during service-hours.

Fika i Piteå. I Alterdalen finns Alterhedens Gårdsbutik och rabarberi som har fikabuffe

Summer Café at the farm shop 24 june - 11 aug 

Experience and enjoy a cup of coffee and rhubarbcake with whipped cream is our specialty. Gluten free, sugar free refreshments is available. We also have light meals such as pies, hot sandwiches and pancakes and Pitepalt. Juice, soda, coffee, tea and other beverages are available too. Cafe is open mon - fri 8.00 - 18.00, sat-sun 12.00 -18.00

AlterHedens good delicacies, there are free taste-samples to be had inside the cafeteria while watching a film about us.
Patio for warm days attracts many to sit and enjoy the nice weather in Piteå. Children can keep to the playground while their parents can enjoy views of the little lake.

Tord Nilsson guide på Alterhedens Rabarberi

Phone guide at AlterHedens Farm shop

Tourist - by using your phone, you can get a short guided tour when you visit us. The rhubarb is a tourist attraction. We have both a guide that concerns Alterhedens and a guided tour of rhubarb varieties, where while listening you follow our display-plantation.

Opening in AlterHedens farm shop

Self-service: Every day 6:00 to 20:00 (Open during the entire year)
Staffing: Monday - Friday 09:00 to 17:00 (except holidays).

Rent a cottage at AlterHedens, Piteå.  cabins, accommodation, rooms.

AlterHedens, Altersbruk, Piteå, Sweden is nice for kids and adults.

AlterHedens farmshop also have room for rent.

Cottage in Piteå beetween AlterHedens farm shop 

Ruralaccommodation in a cabinoutside Piteåat cheap prices.

Room for Rent in Alterhedens Farm next rhubarb country. Rural accommodation with simple standard in Altersbruk outside Piteå at cheap prices. Cabins at prices that are on par with accommodation in hostels. Holiday Rentals from May to September.

Rent a camping cabin by

Welcome to us up in the northern part of Sweden. 11 swedish miles from the artic circle. Experience the Arctic night and northern lights, or the long, light summer nights. 


The beutiful Alterälven area is nice to visit in Piteå. We have lots of animals. The river has beavers, and is great for bird-watching, fishing, swimming, paddling and snowmobile driving. Just around the courner of the farm-shop you can swim in the river and the children will love it.   



Experience in Piteå in the northern part of Sweden. How to get here:  

E4, turn off at Norrfjärden,
11 km in the same direction as Holmträsk. 




AlterHedens Farm shop 
Norra Altervägen 1075
Piteå - Sweden

AlterHedens Rabarberi, delikatesser av rabarber, aronia, tranbär, kråkbär, rallarros, hjortron osv. Hos Alterheden kan du köpa sylt, glögg, marmelad, saft, torkad svamp


AlterHedens Rabarberi & Farmshop